Physical medicine is used in combination with therapeutic measures since it cannot replace any method of treatment on its own, but it significantly reduces medication intake and speeds up the patient’s rehabilitation.

Who Is a Physical Medicine Doctor?

Physical medicine doctor helps to recover and return to a “full life” for patients with a complicated physical or psycho-emotional state. This profession is at the junction of three specialties: medicine, pedagogy, and psychology. Such specialist develops recovery methods and implements them in the process of working with patients. The main task of pelvic health physical therapy is the most complete restoration of body functions disturbed as a result of an injury or disease.

Physical therapy is the use of physical exercises and natural factors in the complex process of restoring the health, physical condition, and ability to work of patients and the disabled for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. It is an integral part of medical therapy and is used in all its periods and stages. Physical therapy is used in social and occupational therapy. Its means are therapeutic physical culture and massage, physiotherapy, mechanotherapy, etc.

Tasks and Principles of Physical Therapy

The main objectives of physical therapy are:

Physical therapy is based on how the function limitations of a particular person’s body affect their ability to move. Sports medicine is based on what kind of injury a person received as a result of physical activity. However, both physical therapy and sports medicine can help you recover from injuries, reduce pain, eliminate limb stiffness, and improve movement.

What Is the Purpose of Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy helps patients to develop, maintain and restore motor and functional abilities to the maximum extent possible.

Physical therapy is a restorative treatment for patients who have lost the ability to move due to illness, surgery, or injury. Physical therapists are sought after for help with back pain, weight loss, and other problems. The main task of the doctor is to return the patient to a full life. In this article, we will review several tips on how to find the best physical therapist.

Go to Consultations With Several Doctors in Turn

Consultations are often free. Based on the results, you will be able to choose the doctor who will give you the clearest and most understandable treatment plan, outline the stages, and specify the cost. Contact should be established with the doctor, so personal communication will not hurt either. This increases mutual trust and adherence to treatment.

Physical therapy is an integral part of medical therapy and is used in all its periods and stages. This is a multifaceted process of restoring a person’s health and reintegrating him into work and social life. Naturally, physical medicine and physical therapy should be considered in unity and interrelation.

What Is Physical Medicine?

Physical medicine is a direction in medical science aimed at restoring health, functional state, and ability to work, disturbed by diseases, injuries, or physical, chemical, and social factors. The purpose of rehabilitation is the effective and early return of sick and disabled people to everyday and labor processes, to society; restoration of personal properties of a person.